MOPS stands for Mathematical Optimization Systems, MOPS is an optimization software system design to solve linear and integer mathematical programming problems. It has been in continual development since 1987 by Prof. Uwe Suhl. MOPS for MPL gives users access to this highly regard optimizer from within the user-friendly Windows environment of MPL.

Algorithmic Features

The MOPS solver includes efficient solution methods for linear and mixed-integer optimization models. Incorporation of good preprocessing techniques for both LP and MIPs makes it useful in tackling large range of LP and MIP problems.

MOPS LP Optimizers

MOPS Simplex Optimizers includes fast and robust implementations of both the Primal and Dual Simplex methods. It incorporates a number of pricing options including Devex and Steepest edge pricing. MOPS also have a state of the art interior point method that is highly beneficial is solving large linear programming problems or problems that tend to be highly degenerate.

MOPS Integer Optimizer

MOPS Barrier solver provides an alternative means of solving linear models. The Barrier option utilizes a barrier or interior point method to solve linear models. Unlike the Simplex solvers that move along the exterior of the feasible region, the Barrier solver moves through the interior space to find the optimum. Depending upon the size and structure of a particular model, the Barrier solver may be significantly faster than the Simplex solvers and can provide exceptional speed on large linear models, particularly on sparse models with more than 5,000 constraints or highly degenerate models.

MOPS Integer Optimizer

MOPS Integer Optimizer contains sophisticated branch and bound algorithmic techniques to solve problems that contain general and/or binary integer restrictions. It is equipped with advanced supernode processing. It has a large collection of cutting plane algorithms that can drastically reduce the search space.

MOPS Parameter Options

For full description of all the MOPS Parameters that are supported in MPL, please go to the MOPS Option Parameters page.

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