New MPL 5.0 is now available

It gives us great pleasure to announce the new MPL release 5.0 which we have been working extensively on for the past year and a half. The new release has now been uploaded to our web server.

There are actually two simultaneous releases 5.0 and 4.2q (, which are both binary compatible with each other. The main reason for coming out with two separate releases, is that in MPL release 5.0, we did make some major changes in the directory setup of the MPL installation, where it now has a hierarchical tree structure with traditional bin and include directories, compared to everything being in a single directory (C:\Mplwin4) before.

In most cases users will be fine with the new MPL 5.0, so unless there are some unforeseen problems, there should be no need to install the 4.2q compatibility release. MPL 5.0 is also designed to allow it to be installed simultaneously with MPL 4.2, so there is no need to uninstall the old MPL, unless you specifically wish to do so.

Please note, that Mplpy for Python and OptimaxNet.dll for CSharp, and Visual Basic use the Mpllib.dll. If there are multiple installations of MPL on the machine, then the MPLWIN_BIN environment variable is used to set the PATH to the correct location. We provide batch script shortcuts with the MPL installation, set_mpl_32bit.bat and set_mpl_64.bat located in the C:\mplwin\50 directory, which can be used to set the MPLWIN_BIN variable.

Furthermore, there are now 25 different manuals that come with MPL 5.0, including MPL for Windows users guide, MPL Language Reference, MPL OptiMax Library, which are probably the ones most useful, as well as separate manuals for each solver we support including both CPLEX and GUROBI.