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In order to estabilish that you belong to an academic institution we will require proof of ID. The selected type of IDs are valid for verification

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Please note any webpage listed has to be a valid and operational page and clearly show the association with the academic institution, otherwise it cannot be considered proof of academic status. If you selected either University Photo ID or Letter from Professor/Teacher, please fax this to: +1-703-522-7902 (USA) or +44-208-4343-529 (UK).

Use of MPL Software

For what purpose will the software be used for? (you can select more than one option)

A: Teaching
B: Academic Research
C: Student Projects

A: Teaching Courses

Teach Courses In:

Operations Research       Mathematics
Business (MBA) Computer Science
Engineering Other:

Teaching at which level of study:

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Master Research Assistant
Doctorate Other:

Operations Research Course:

Course Name:
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Number of Students:

Course Type:

Introduction to O.R.       Advanced O.R.
Linear Programming Mathmatical Theory
Model Formulation Practical O.R. in business

Department that provides the course:

Operations Research.       Mathematics
Business (MBA) Computer Science
Engineering Other:

Course Textbook:

Which textbook will be mainly used in the course?

      Wayne Winston (O.R. Appl. and Alg.) Other
      Hiller and Lieberman (Intro. to O.R.) Name:
      Linus Schrage (Lindo text and software) Author:
      H.P. Williams (Model Building) Publisher:
      Katta G. Murty (O.R. Det. Opt. Models) Edition:

Course Software Used:

What other optimization software will be used in the course, if any?:

Modeling System:
Approximate size of the largest homework/assignment project? constraints

B: Academic Research

Area of Research
General Mathematics       Supply Chain
Manufacturing Scheduling
Logistics Finance
Military Engineering
HealthCare Government

Type of Research:
Mathematical Modeling         Optimization Methods
Heuristics Other:

Research Collaboration:

Is the research you are undertaking in collaboration with other institutions?

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Academic Institution       Name:
Commercial Organization       Name:

Is there a possibility of govermental or commercial implementation for the research work being undertaken?

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Length of Research Project:

Modeling Details (if known):

Type of Model(s):

LPs       MIPs
SPs Other:

Largest Size of Model: Vars: Cons:

C: Student Project

Which level of study:

Undergraduate Master Doctorate

Project Details:
Project Supervisor:
Project Title:
Expected date of Project Completion:

Is the project in collaboration with a govermental or commercial organization?

Yes No
If Yes:
Orgainzation's Name:

Modeling Details (if known):

Type of Model(s):

LPs       MIPs
SPs Other:

Largest Size of Model: Vars: Cons: