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MPL release: 5.0


This page contains various software distributed by Maximal Software. Please note that all the software downloads on this page need a specific license key to work. If you either have purchased MPL directly from Maximal Software, or have applied to join the free MPL Academic Program, or the MPL Free Development Program, you are in the right place. If you are looking instead to download the free limited-size student/trial version of MPL, please go to our download page.

Previous releases of MPL can also be downloaded:

Step 1.   Download the Software

Please select which file for MPL you want and then click on the name of the file to download it. If you are asked whether you want to save the file, choose to save it to your hard-disk. Please note the location, where you are saving it, since you are going to need it when you install the software.

Please note that for 32-bit Windows, you can only run the 32-bit version of MPL. If you are installing on a machine with 64-bit Windows, you have a choice whether to install the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of MPL. The main benefit of running the 64-bit version, is that the solver can then utilize more than 2GB of memory to solve larger problems. Please note that if you are running the 64-bit version, all other software MPL connects to, including data sources, solvers, and calling applications, must then also be 64-bit.

If you wish, you can install both 32-bit and 64-bit MPL on the same machine. The license you will receive from Maximal Software will automatically work with both, and we provide batch scripts that make it very easy to switch between the two versions.

MPL for Windows 5.0: Mplwin50Setup.msi  

Mplwin50Setup_64.msi (64-Bit)    
MPL for Windows 5.0 Academic Mplwin50Academic.msi  

Mplwin50Academic_64.msi (64-bit)    
MPL for Windows 5.0 FreeDev Mplwin50FreeDev.msi  

Mplwin50FreeDev_64.msi (64-bit)    
MPL 5.0 with CPLEX 12.6.0 Solver:

Older CPLEX versions

Mplwin50Cplex126_64.msi (64-Bit)    
MPL 5.0 with GUROBI 7.0 Solver:

Older GUROBI versions

Mplwin50Gurobi70_64.msi (64-Bit)    
MPL 5.0 with SULUM 4.3 Solver:

Older SULUM versions

Mplwin50Sulum43_64.msi (64-Bit)    
MPL 5.0 with LINDO 10.0 Solver:

Older LINDO versions

Mplwin50Lindo100_64.msi (64-Bit)    
MPL 5.0 with KNITRO 9.0 Solver:

Older KNITRO versions

Mplwin50Knitro90m_64.msi (64-Bit)    


Step 2.   Install the MPL Software

Before installing the new version of MPL, please uninstall first any previous versions you have already installed. Then double-click on the *.msi file you downloaded, and follow the prompts.

Step 3.   Activating the MPL license
To start using the MPL software you will need to receive a license from Maximal Software. Please run the Maximal License Manager program from the Start | Programs | MPL for Windows 5.0 menu and email the resulting HostInfo codes, along with your reference (SerialNr, Purchase Order, etc.) and name/contact information for the End-user back to Maximal Software at We will then send you back the license code, which you the activate on your machine using the Maximal License Manager program again. If you do not receive an email within 1-2 business days (most are sent within 24 hours), please check with us directly to see if we did in fact receive the license-request email.


If you have any problems with either downloading or installing MPL, please check the Technical Support (FAQ) page that contains answers to the most common questions that we have received. You can also always contact us directly at:

Maximal Software, Inc.
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201

Tel: (703) 522-7900
Fax: (703) 522-7902

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